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Cyber-Physical Security Education

The CybatiWorksTM scalable academic and professional training kits enable educational institutions, industrial asset owners / operators and other entities to quickly understand control system environments, their cybersecurity risks and active defense.

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Build, Break, Secure and Make

Prebuilt wizards build cybersecurity educational models to attack, defend and explore.
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Defend Today and Invent the Future

Cyber-physical systems provide modern society with incredible productivity gains.  Learn to defend current industrial environments and how to invent the Internet of Things.
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CybatiWorksTM Kits

The CybatiWorksTM Platform provides hands-on models to quickly understand cyber-physical system design and active defenses.








Are you an individual interested in learning cyber-physical security NOW? Buy our onDemand CybatiWorks Critical Infrastructure and Control System Cybersecurity course with FREE mini kit for $3,995. Videos are provided by VIMEO and the Mini Kit and course materials will be shipped to you.

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High Schools
High School You are a high school seeking cyber-physical security education.
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University or College You are a University or College seeking cyber-physical security education and / or physical laboratory equipment.
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Professional You are a professional seeking cyber-physical security education onDemand or onsite at your facility.
Applied Research and Modeling You want to perform cybersecurity research and development for cyber-physical systems.
Academic Institutions 110
Professionals Trained >10,000
Countries 19
Development Hours 16,411

Hello and welcome to CYBATI.  CYBATI's goal is to help secure cyber-physical (IT/ICS/SCADA/IoT) assets strategically, tactically and responsibly. We provide hands-on cybersecurity education using the CybatiWorksTM platform directly and through our professional and academic collaborations.  We encourage you to review our offerings for you personally, as a company, an academic institution or a government agency.

Matthew E. Luallen
Executive Inventor