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secret agent technology training camp (ages 5-12) details

Today's secret agents have so many tools at their fingertips, but need the right training to determine when to use which one! Learn how to run your own training camp using CYBATI's FREE secret agent materials.  Agents receive an overview of several spy tools and then use media production tools and a green screen to transform their identity. Next agents receive additional training in circuits, electronics, robotics, automation, and spy satellites with hands-on activities using Elenco snap-circuits, Lego Mindstorms and rockets! The week concludes with a final mission and debrief...whew!  



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So, you may be interested in running your own CYBATI Secret Agent Technology Training Camp, or maybe you are just interested in some of the activities and props we used during the camp. Whatever your interest we have worked hard to document the camp’s activities to help in engaging children in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities. The specific course concept and activities were originally developed by Matthew Luallen and aligned with specific real world needs in industrial automation. Mr. Luallen also instructs a professional and academic graduate course on protecting industrial control systems from cyber threats.  In this endeavor to protect national critical infrastructure many requests surfaced for a better bridge between Kindergarten through 12th grade, bachelor degrees and professional duties. Combine these requests with the reality of Mr. Luallen having four children under the age of eight and the interest was sparked to develop this course material. Jill Luallen served the role of facilitating daily activities and appropriately aligning the camp’s material with the designated age groups. Ultimately we perceive that the camp has been a great success and we measure this success by the children’s involvement and continued interest in the subjects taught. Many children would describe the activities that they continued with their families each evening after the camp had concluded its day. We continue to be labeled as Agents Matt and Jill by the children well after running the camp and hear about new circuits and ideas they have invented themselves.

Sample SATTC Daily Activities Chart

We hope that provided this material in the public domain that only more camps and therefore children would be successful. Contact us so that we can send you the fifty page document containing daily instructions, materials, mission documents, badges and more. We may even be interested in facilitating your camp for you. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.