More information about the original included and participant-retained CybatiWorks™ mini kit is available at Kickstarter.  Our new mini kits are faster and easier to assemble.   The new CybatiWorks™ mini-kits were recently demonstrated at DefCon 2015 and 2017 and have been available for purchase since 2016 as part of our new online course.  We are excited about the future of the platform and its ability to enable the 21 century workforce.

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The CybatiWorks™ scalable academic and professional control system cybersecurity platform enables educational institutions, industrial asset owners / operators, researchers and supporting entities to understand control system environments and cybersecurity risks.   The portable and complete training platform has been validated by hundreds of industry practitioners and educators.  The educational platform engages the participant in understanding, enumerating, penetrating and mitigating the engineering workstation, HMI, OPC, Historian, PLC/PAC/IED/R(M)TU/DCS and protocol communications.  The educational platform is encompassed by three primary components


  • Virtualized operating system providing cyber offenseive and defensive capabilities for ICS and IT environments
  • Leveraging the Raspberry PI with PiFace Digital to represent a variety of control system devices (e.g. PLCs, PACs, MTU/RTU, DCS, Physical Security
  • Low voltage, kinetic I/O supporting models such as a traffic light, water treatment facility, bottling plant and assembly line

CybatiWorks™ Educational and Research Platform Supported Outcomes

  • History of critical infrastructure and control system
  • Cyber-physical security risk management
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Attack surface analysis
  • Exploit code analysis
  • Elements of secure coding
  • Logic analysis and physical I/O control
  • Industrial, building and home automation protocols
  • Engineering workstation and server operating systems
  • HMI/MMI screens, points, tags and design
  • OLE for Process Control
  • Components of Cryptography to protect data at rest and in transit
  • Kinetic model analysis
  • Wireless analysis
  • Application security (e.g. web, database)
  • Intrusion detection and visualization
  • Incident response and active defense
  • Network communications infrastructure protocols
  • Rapid research and product incubation environment

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