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The CybatiWorksTM Critical Infrastructure and Control System Cybersecurity course by course author Matthew Luallen will be hosted in a compressed 3-day format at The Ohio State University Union. The three days will allow us to cover the critical details of defending critical control systems using the CybatiWorksTM Mini Kit.

What will you receive?

Where is it?

The 3-day training event will be hosted at The Ohio State University Union from November 7 - 9, 2018 from 8:30am until 5:00pm.  Morning and afternoon pastries and refreshments will be provided. A block of hotel rooms has been reserved at The Blackwell.  After event registration you will receive more information about how to use our negotiated rate.

What do you need to bring?

A laptop with at least an I3 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 50 GB of free storage space and 1 USB port with the latest version of VM Workstation Player or Fusion.  

The full Critical Infrastructure and Control System Cybersecurity Course Overview

  • Roadmap and Overview
  • Course Ethics and General Security Awareness
  • Critical Infrastructure Control System Cybersecurity Background
    • Brief History of Critical Infrastructure and Control Systems
    • Risk Management (Threats, Vulnerabilities and Exploits)
    • Laboratory: Training Kit Orientation and Setup
  • Control System Cyber Architecture and Device Programming
    • Control System Cyber Architecture Components
    • Programmable Logic Controllers, Ladder Logic, Points and OPC/HMI
    • Laboratory: Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers, Logic, Communications and OLE for Process Control (OPC) / Human Machine Interface (HMI) Programming
  • Cyber Asset Vulnerability Assessments
    • Case Study Review and Analysis (e.g. Bellingham Gas Pipeline; BP Texas Refinery; Washington DC Metro)
    • ICS-CERT Vulnerability Notification Review and Analysis
    • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
    • Cyber, Physical and Operational Security Assessments
    • Cyber Toolsets
    • Laboratory: PLC Vulnerability Assessments
    • Laboratory: Analyze and develop control system oriented Metasploit modules
    • Laboratory: Mock Environment Analysis (e.g. Power Grid, Traffic Lights)
  • Automation Technologies Attack Surface and Mitigations
    • Programmable Logic Controller Analysis
    • Mitigating Controls
    • Laboratory: Blackbox Network Discovery
    • Analyzing Control System IEDs
    • Laboratory: Applied Vulnerability Security Analysis
  • OLE for Process Control / Human Machine Interface Attack
    Surface and Mitigations
    • OPC / HMI Analysis
    • Mitigating Controls
    • Laboratory: OPC/HMI Exploit Analysis and Control
  • Communications Attack Surface and Mitigations
    • General Communications Protocol Analysis
    • DNP3, IEC Variants, ICCP, AB PCCC, S7, Modbus Specific Protocol Analysis
    • Vulnerabilities and Exploits
    • Analyzing Wireless in Control Systems
    • Mitigating Controls
    • Laboratory: Communications Exploit Analysis and Control
    • Laboratory: Protocol Spoofing and Fuzzing
    • Laboratory: Communications Visualization
  • Integrated Defense in Depth Security Controls
    • Layered Operational, Cyber and Physical Controls
    • Forensics and attribution in control systems
    • Performing Physical-Cyber-Operational Assessments and Penetration Tests
    • Laboratory: Integrated Security Preparedness
    • Situation Awareness and Incident Response
    • Laboratory: Live-Fire Simulated Control System Environment Attack and Defend
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