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The Critical Infrastructure and Control System Cybersecurity University and Collegiate course curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students provides students with textbook analysis, hands-on laboratory exercises and associative critical infrastructure constructs to aid in the transfer of knowledge. The curriculum’s successful achievements to date include:

  • Several academic institutions have included the curriculum and portable living laboratory environment within their educational programs
  • Several academic institutions have included the curriculum and portable living laboratory within grant requests
  • Industry asset-owners and government response teams have retained and participated in maintaining the curriculum and portable living laboratory environment
  • Several students have received employment opportunities directly related with critical infrastructure and control system cybersecurity

A standardized critical infrastructure and control system curriculum used across both industry and academic institutions can provide incredible benefits. Academic institutions can share experiences and content updates among faculty while industry partners provide feedback pertaining to the course’s professional expectations. Feedback from students and professionals has guided the course development and will continue as additional courses are offered at this University and other institutions. Community colleges, Universities and asset owners are using the curriculum and portable learning laboratory kit for their environments. The course instructors take part in bi-annual discussions pertaining to the current course curriculum and the desired modifications. The goal of this model is maintain current course topics desired by industry participants while limiting the additional new-hire educational commitments.

We can provide full service capabilities for your program.  We support entire cyber-physical laboratory facilities with CybatiWorksTM equipment and mini kits as well as electronic coursebooks for students.

CybatiWorksTM Mini Kit and Industrial Edition Cybersecurity Education and Research Platform Knowledge Supported Outcomes

  • · History of critical infrastructure, technology and control systems
  • · Digital citizen cybersecurity awareness and tasks
  • · Cyber-physical security risk management
  • · Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • · Attack surface analysis
  • · Exploit code analysis
  • · Secure coding
  • · Logic analysis and physical I/O control
  • · Industrial, building and home automation protocols
  • · Engineering workstation and server operating systems
  • · HMI screens, points, tags and design
  • · Historian and OLE for Process Control
  • · Cryptography and steganography
  • · Kinetic model analysis
  • · Wireless analysis
  • · Communication protocol analysis
  • · Application security (e.g. web, database)
  • · Intrusion detection and visualization
  • · Incident response and active defense
  • · IT/ICS/IoT simulations
  • · Rapid IT/ICS/IoT research and product incubation environment
  • · Network communications infrastructure protocols



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