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Cybati's approach to sound cyber-engineering and security education at all age levels is to promote the philosophy of build, break, secure and make.  The intent is to afford the participant with the ability to rapidly build a complete operational environment.  The system is easily resetable back to original operating condition which allows the participant to explore.  Next wizards are pre-designed to cyber-attack the system, break.  The scripted attacks allow the participant to explore real cyber attacks without impacting any other system.  The CybatiWorksTM platform comes complete with all essential elements to reproduce traditional Information Technology (IT) host and services, as well as cyber-physical elements such as ICS/SCADA/IoT protocols and physical I/O.  Ultimately the participant will be instructed to secure the platform using configuration adjustments, architectural changes, attack detection tools, and host and network forensics.  Interested participants may become compelled to further explore the platform and make new tools and models.  It is the expectation participants of the CybatiWorks platform are more prepared to defend today and invent tomorrow.

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